Love Yourself Forward; Create Your 2024

The tools you need to shift from the relentless hustle to a more intentional, balanced, mindful lifestyle.

* Includes digital planner, tools/templates and online course (for download) *

This toolbox is your pathway to leading a more intentional life through Self-Reflection, Prioritization, and Transformation. 

Create momentum around what you desire most through more meaningful focus, choices, and priorities (which include you). The tools inside will help you Love Yourself Forward, which empowers you to share the best version of YOU with others, to open up to joy around you and to create positive change in your life.

The 6-step pathway (course within this toolbox) will guide you through different self-reflection exercises to help you contemplate more about yourself, what you need & what you want to create ahead.

You will receive:

  • 2024 Digital Planner; full year of weekly planner pages, monthly calendar (Jan '24 - Jan '25)
  • 6-Step Pathway; Reflection Exercises (with tools for print or online editing) that empower you to:
    • connect to yourself
    • prioritize your needs
    • reduce distractions
    • challenge & let go of old beliefs
    • honor your wins along the way

All provided as PDFs to download, print, punch and put in a binder at home.

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$49.99 USD

* Digital Planner & Pathway

All files in this pathway are made available to you as a downloadable, color PDF document. You can then print via a printer at home or pay to print at a service provider of your choice. A binder, paper and ink is not included in this purchase, nor the fees to print at a business of your choice.

You must have a reliable internet connection, a mobile or desktop computer to access web pages and PDF files, and your own file or binder to keep it all together. A printer is optional if you wish to have a business print for you.

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