Navigating Your Diagnosis Detour

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Your Diagnosis represents so many scary unknowns, processing what is to come and preparing for a lot of change - hence the Detour.  With this Healing Companion you can:

  1. Create your own clear record of medical discussions, details, questions and people involved. Medical charts and jargon can be confusing. This is about capturing things in a way that makes sense to you and having something you and your loved ones can refer to. 
  2. Create a visual of the roadmap ahead by mapping out your treatments and surgeries so that you can see progress and use it to share updates with your loved ones easily.
  3. Accept your unique value by reflecting on the important roles you play in life to remind yourself that cancer is not your whole story, cancer does not define you. 

With this FREE offer, you will:

  • Receive 5 tools/templates to download (or edit online) and begin tracking key information about your diagnosis, your treatment journey, medical team, and reflect on parts of your story beyond breast cancer. 
  • Witness a fresh perspective on healing... from Maggie's own Breast Cancer Journey.  LoveME Healing fosters the personal, emotional and physical effects of your healing beyond the medical treatments. 
  • Be updated on other healing offers and resources.

NOTE:  for the best experience this eBook requires a reliable internet connection.  Downloads require the ability to read PDF documents.


Please read the full TERMS & CONDITIONS here

Program Requirements:  This is an ONLINE product and community.  Resources accessed and/or downloaded as part of this program include eBooks and templates/tools/reflection forms that are individual PDF documents.  These PDF documents are where I can record my personal journey notes.  Downloads of templates/tools/reflection forms require the ability to read PDF documents on a computer and access to a printer. PDF downloads are intended as standard U.S. paper size (8.5x11 inch).  Any costs incurred to print these PDFs are my individual responsibility.  eBooks require a reliable internet connection. By checking the box above I am acknowledging and accepting that I have read the Terms & Conditions document via the link provided as well as what is listed here as the requirements for the program.

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