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Meet Maggie

Maggie is an energetic, passionate explorer of healing; mind, body and spirit.  Her career was focused on helping teams innovate and navigate business problems with tools and support. A Breast Cancer diagnosis empowered her to tap into that previous experience and create tools that she needed to help her navigate her unpredictable, challenging journey.  She founded LoveME Healing as a way to share her tools with others. Maggie says "My cancer diagnosis was devastating, but the healing journey has been transformational."

Her mission is to help others in breast cancer by sharing her experience, insights, tools and community to heal.

Learn More at LoveME Healing

Meet Dina

Dina Legland is a Certified Life and Wellness Coach who uses her personal and professional experience to support clients in remission to conquer fears to achieve a life filled with joy, freedom, and inner peace. As the founder of Wellness Warriors for Life, LLC, as well as a Registered Nurse & EMT for over 30 years, Dina spent her life caring for others.  As The Inner Warrior Coach and Cancer Survivor Dina says, “Cancer Saved My Life and My Fears Almost Killed Me!”  

Her mission is to share her experiences, wisdom, tools, strategies, and humor to conquer uncontrollable fears and to seek inner wellness with freedom guilt-free.

Learn More at Wellness Warriors for Life


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