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Are You Ready for LYFE... Loving Yourself Forward Everyday?

Loving Yourself Forward is a personal practice of showing up for YOU!  It's a mindful, intentional approach to shifting your energy, attention, and choices to be in service of your wants, needs and well being.  

Loving Yourself is NOT an achieved state of being. It is NOT something we can check off our list. 

Loving yourself IS felt in the small moments throughout EACH day as an active practice of granting yourself a little grace, understanding and kindness. It means recognizing criticism and doubt yet moving forward and celebrating every step along the way.

We are here to help you create a vision for your life, build momentum towards that vision through intention, love yourself forward each and every day and get back to who you truly are.

Step Into Authentic Self-Discovery:

A Journey Back to You

Practice self-reflection through thoughtfully tailored templates to uncover hidden desires, clarify priorities, and recognize obstacles. 

Create Your LYFe:

The Blueprint

Practice more intentional living each day through a vision blueprint and integrative tools to focus on what’s important, take aligned action and build positive momentum.

Foster Support:

Within Yourself & Through Others

Practice prioritizing yourself, fostering healthy connection and accountability through a private community of women with diverse skills, perspectives, and experiences to be motivated, inspired and supported.

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I'm Ready to Create My Life
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Tuesday, June 18th

4-6pm CT

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Your "Summer Chapter" is quickly approaching! Reconnecting with yourself and LYFE (Loving Yourself Forward Everyday) is an essential step for your well-being.

Summer can fly by so quickly. We often times feel the calendar is full before June even arrives and we move through each event as if it is part of a checklist. What if you were to pause for a moment to consider...

  • What do you want to FEEL this summer?
  • Who do you want to BE?
  • What experiences do you want to engage in?
  • What would you love to invite in that is new?

What will be the story you share with your friend(s) when they ask...

"What did you do this summer?" 


This 2-hour workshop offers you the space, guidance and time to:

  • Obtain clarity on your intentions
  • Write¬†the story you¬†envision for the summer
  • Integrate a practice & focus into your first week
  • Recharge¬†your energy for the weeks ahead

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Interested in events like this in the future?

We will be hosting 2-hour "Reconnect to LYFE" sessions quarterly. Each is designed to help you get clear and be mindful about what you want in your next 12 weeks / 3 months / 90 days with a focus on Loving Yourself Forward Everyday. All workshops are virtual (online). 

The next events are planned for September (Fall Edition) & December (New Year Edition) 2024, as well as an On-Demand virtual release (coming soon)!

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Energize, Release & Reset; Stop Circling the Drain 

Create change in your life, get clarity on what you need and want and live with more intention. The content and tools here will help you connect with yourself at a deeper level in order to discover what is meaningful for you! Through this program you will:

  • Evaluate what drains and energizes you
  • Assess where you show up for¬†yourself
  • Name and engage with your inner critic
  • Surrender what gets in¬†your way
  • Honor your journey... and Love Yourself Forward... Everyday


I am Ready for a RESET

Strengthen Your Connection with YOU...

Give yourself permission to go inside & self-reflect to better understand who you are, who you aspire to be, and what your values and beliefs are. This journal invites you to:

  • Explore more about yourself through 18 thought-provoking prompts
  • Be more mindful of your thought patterns
  • Repeat as you evolve, change, and grow


Start My Journal

Creating the space for more intention in your daily (or weekly) hustle is key to creating the life you desire. But what does that look like?

  • Building¬†a reflection habit: Start your day or week off with some dedicated time to journal your thoughts, feelings and intentions. Creating a focus for this time and following up with gratitude journaling can set a purposeful tone.

  • Being mindful: Pause to get quiet, creating space for¬†awareness of your thoughts and feelings to come through, allowing intentionality to be the driver instead of reactivity.

  • Scheduling¬†a check-in: Block some¬†time at the end of each week to check in with yourself. Assess where your daily actions & decisions are aligning with your intentions and vision. Celebrate your progress and be open to learnings.

Explore The Collection

Being intentional is a practice. By integrating these types of practices into your life you're no longer going through the motions but actively shaping your life's narrative with intention and purpose. Dive into our FREE collection here of self-reflection tools to help you create your own intentional practices.


Are you:

  • looking for women who will support, encourage and challenge you?
  • struggling to show up for yourself due to too much focus on¬†the needs of others?
  • overwhelmed with where to start?

Belong in Community... 

Let's practice new and different ways of Loving Ourselves Forward.  Together, we can shift the momentum to a life we each desire & deserve. 

Expand your network of accountability and support while having fun. Collaborate and connect with others in virtual meetups, challenge yourself with different LYFE approaches, engage in special 'member only' events, meaningful chats and so much more to motivate, encourage and foster your personal growth journey.


Being surrounded by empowered women navigating similar things!

Learn More About The LYFE Connection...


Reconnect with yourself by investing some time for self-discovery using our tailored digital tools designed to help YOU on your journey of personal growth:

  • Gain deeper personal insights through thoughtful prompts
  • Identify and prioritize your personal needs
  • Shape habits to support your intentions
I want to reconnect with myself


Incorporate more intention into your days with our digital tools and courses that empower you to:

  • Get¬†clarity on personal values and beliefs
  • Create a vision that represents a future you desire¬†and deserve
  • Focus your time and energy on what builds¬†positive¬†momentum¬†
I want to live more intentionally


Foster more healthy connections through a private community of women with diverse skills, perspectives, and experiences to be motivated, inspired and supported.

  • Break old patterns and inspire new, healthier habits through weekly challenges

  • Connect with others for¬†encouragement and accountability

  • Engage in meaningful¬†conversations with others on similar journeys¬†
I want to be surrounded by supportive women

Our mission is to inspire and provide ways for women to practice loving themselves forward everyday - to recognize that they matter too in the list of priorities.
Join us...

Rediscover who you are (or want to be)

Be more intentional in your choices and actions to get out of autopilot 

Surround yourself with women that offer unique perspectives and encouragement.

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