Are you:

  • exhausted from a lifetime of not taking care of yourself?
  • navigating a devastating diagnosis, in the throes of treatment or managing the ongoing healing?
  • feeling broken, lost or alone and focused on things that distract, numb, or keep you busy?
  • doing 'the work', but struggling with where to turn for loving support or like-minded women? 
  • overwhelmed with where to start or what to do for your own healing?

We are all healing from something... 

When you give yourself permission to HEAL, you create positive ripple effects in your world

We heal in order to become happier, healthier, and more whole - a true expression of ourselves; our dreams, our core beliefs, and our values.

The LoveME Healing community fosters connection & conversation between women that are healing in their own unique ways. 

Our practices include tools that help you discover what is important to you and best supports your healing path.  

Devastating life events can shake us to our core and these things sometimes trigger an intentional focus on our healing; MIND (thoughts & feelings), BODY (physical being) or SPIRIT (energy, purpose & meaning).  BUT, it shouldn't take these types of events to give us permission to focus here.  Whether navigating or recovering from a serious health issue, a divorce, the loss of a loved one, the corporate hustle, playing all the roles we play, etc.,  LoveME Healing provides your path to permission by helping you define and create that intentional focus on your healing in a meaningful way...

LOVE yourself forward through:

Healing Practices

to guide you in the exploration and discovery of your own healing needs along with the practice of healing in your unique way regardless of where you are on your path with videos, tools, and exercises

Connection & Accountability

through challenges, virtual live meetups along with the support, encouragement, wisdom and inspiration from like-minded women at different stages of their own healing journeys

Meaningful Conversation

facilitated each week on healing-related topics where we connect, interact, learn, and share with each other as we practice our unique healing - loving ourselves forward, together

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LoveME Healing is a community like no other... fostering the practice of healing! 

A tribe of women navigating the many challenges we face as we move through life by exploring and practicing healing together with meaningful conversations, tools, resources, reflection exercises, and live discussions.   



LoveME Healing was born out of my breast cancer journey when I became aware of how broken, lost, and alone I felt… which extended beyond the cancer itself.  I desperately needed to give myself permission to focus on my healing.  This meant shifting into a more nurturing and mindful caregiver of my mind, body, and spirit in order to heal not only from my cancer but from things that no longer served me or my life - the things that made me feel stuck, 'less than', overworked and overwhelmed.  My mission is to build a community of women that support each other in all things healing.  A safe space that fosters meaningful conversations & connection (to ourselves and others) along with the interactive exploration & practice of healing into a healthier, happier life - breast cancer or not... in it or beyond it.

We are all healing from something!

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Welcome to LoveME Healing.  We are here to guide and support a more personal, meaningful healing journey for others with Breast Cancer!


Remission is Not the Destination

When the body is screaming...

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We have joined forces with Dina Legland Certified Life and Wellness Coach of Wellness Warriors for Life...

At Heal Inside & Out we get Real and Raw about Breast Cancer and beyond!  We have meaningful conversations about all the unknowns we face when healing from something like cancer!

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Marla Ulstad and I wrote a chapter in this powerful book of 20 inspiring stories about resilience, determination, and success.  Our chapter is called Turn Fear Into Love.

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Last October 15, 2022 was the walk for Making Strides. Here's to an EPIC event... So many amazing, strong women, so much support and so much fun!

We were in the Resource Village area AND had a team of 17 participating in the walk.  A huge shout out to all that helped, supported, walked and visited our table!

We raised $1,019.00!!!!  A Special THANK YOU to all our donators.  American Cancer Society is doing amazing things with research!  If you are still interested in donating to Making Strides, please do so here.

Thanks to all that supported LoveME Healing and especially to the American Cancer Society for the impactful work they do for Breast Cancer.


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Founder & Creator of LoveME Healing...

  • I am passionate about helping women give themselves permission to heal in their own personal, meaningful way. 
  • What defines me are my roles as mother, wife, daughter, etc., and my values of Health, Connection, Growth, & Spirituality... NOT my cancer. 
  • I truly believe that cancer happened FOR ME, not TO ME. The gift in this for me was a new focus on discovering how to love and care for myself.
  • I am so excited about the LoveME Healing Community focused on women supporting women in the ongoing practice of meaningful healing! 

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