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LoveME Healing is about encouraging, supporting and uplifting each other as we navigate our own unique paths. The collective wisdom and shared practice of healing will enrich your discovery and understanding of what you need to heal in your own way. 

While taking these steps forward, we provide you the tools to...

  • define what healing means to you
  • prioritize yourself
  • heal through your habits
  • mind your mind
  • clarify your support needs

And through our community, together we...

  • share perspectives, challenges, and wisdom
  • learn from each other
  • navigate change
  • stay focused on our healing
Healing Community

The Permission Path includes 5 practices that guide you in both the exploration of your own healing needs and the practice of healing in your unique way regardless of where you are on your path.  The Healing Practices include videos, downloadable tools, stories, and exercises that help guide you in both personalizing and going deeper with your healing; mind, body & spirit.

The Healing Connection is a private community and safe space for women to HEAL individually and together.  We help you create meaningful connections & have purposeful conversations with other women also focused on their healing.  In this uplifting, encouraging, supportive space we learn, grow and heal together. 



Invest some time and energy into a making YOU a priority.  Do this by being a part of a unique community of women all working to create a more meaningful connection with themselves and others for a happier, healthier, more whole life!




When you give yourself the permission to heal, you create positive change in your life, which has a ripple effect on the world around you. 

While you must be accountable to give yourself the permission - and then do the work to heal what is unique to your circumstances… you do NOT have to feel alone on this path.

LoveME Healing offers YOU the permission to heal through a ...

  • private, virtual community that fosters conversation on healing so that you can
    • connect to like-minded women on a variety of ideas and perspectives
    • feel motivated and accountable to make positive, healthy choices & habits
    • inspire other women through encouragement and build new relationships
  • set of practices that include tools, resources and exercises so that you can
    • learn more about yourself, your needs and what you value
    • get intentional about where you focus and prioritize your energy
    • ask and receive support in ways that are meaningful to you

This community is fueled by our core values in service of healing...

Health:  fulfilling our personal needs and finding our unique balance of mind, body & spirit through focus, intention and habits

Compassion: practicing love and acceptance of ourselves and others by listening, forgiving, and honoring all experiences

Transformation: stepping into our full potential by exploring what no longer serves us and letting go

To ultimately discover more meaningful connection with ourselves and others

Self-awareness in ongoing healing...

"I gained more self-awareness regarding my ongoing healing needs by using the practices which can be used no matter where you are on this journey."

Dina Legland


Love & Support...

"The love and support shown through the community is amazing! I know I always have a place to reach out."



A hug & a push...

"The LoveMeHealing Community simultaneously provides a 'hug' and a gentle but firm 'push'. Connecting and engaging with other members on issues related to healing is the 'hug'... the we got you. And, the learning from our collective experiences provides gentle but firm 'push'... try a new way of tackling the issues."





"I like the simplicity of these assessments.  Short and sweet but powerful."


Your Diagnosis represents so many scary unknowns, processing what is to come and preparing for a lot of change - hence the Detour.  Reduce that overwhelm by utilizing tools & templates already created (by me as I navigated my breast cancer journey). Don't start from scratch. You can get help for FREE today.

The Diagnosis Detour is a Healing Companion to help those recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer to understand, process, and prepare to navigate the journey ahead. I also share  some of my story and learnings along the way.