How Can I Help?

We appreciate our Sponsors & Gifting Partners! 

With them, we reach more people who find themselves on a breast cancer journey and help them cultivate a healing mindset, navigate their new day-to-day and love themselves through this unexpected chapter of cancer.

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See Our Gifting Partners

If you believe in our cause... 

There are other ways to help us keep this movement going. We are in the process of:

  • Setting up to accept donations to enable others to support our cause
  • Creating a sponsorship program to ensure value add social impact for companies 

We feel so very blessed to be a OneCommunity partner of OffiCenters!

OffiCenters creates a Work Awesome experience for all of their members - We LOVE collaborating and creating our work in their innovative, fun space. 

They also do so much to support our local community - learn more here.

Our initial launch was to 20 women going through Breast Cancer so we could take them through the LoveME Healing Journey together and learn how best to support them and the others that will join us in the future.