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LoveME Healing was created when I found myself facing a breast cancer diagnosis and a necessary focus on healing.  Breast cancer was my wake-up call to change a lifetime of habits of ignoring my personal needs and seeking validation and love through service to others as well as performing and perfecting in unsustainable ways.  In healing from cancer, I had to shift and prioritize myself (my needs).  My connection to myself was broken.  I felt lost, alone and for the first time recognized that I did not love and care for myself the way I would need to live forward.  Facing my fears and exploring what healing could do for me… I finally saw that loving myself was necessary for my health, happiness and wholeness.

In my 5th century of life now… I have navigated many milestones, challenges and learnings.  I married right out of college, gave birth to a beautiful daughter, later divorced, single-parented for 9 years, then married my life partner, hustled my way through corporate careers, left corporate to start my own businesses centered on helping others elevate their work, conquered breast cancer, and am working through my ongoing healing and the impacts on my body post treatments and being in menopause. 

One of my core values is around connection. Healing requires connection to your mind, body and spirit – connection to yourself. And one of the first things I did in my healing journey was to reach out to about 20 other women that had been through this journey before me – to learn from their experience. When we feel broken, it can be so lonely. Talking to these women made me feel less alone and created meaningful connections with others that ignited new insights and ideas that helped each of us in our healing.  This was the spark… I believe in the power of connection and know that we can help each other heal... more intentionally, more meaningfully.  We deserve it!

Not long after a routine mammogram in November 2020, I sat down in my living room and answered the call from the breast clinic. What came next, I never expected. There was a 95%+ chance that they found cancer. I would need to come in for a biopsy ASAP. My entire world shrunk and the fearful ‘what ifs’ filled my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking about my daughter, my husband, my family and all the things I still wanted to do in this lifetime. Cancer? … Me?... A relentless fear and sadness settled in. I felt so alone in that moment. 

The biopsy showed Triple Positive Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (ER+, PR+, HER2+). What came after my diagnosis was nothing short of OVERWHELMING. Amidst the shock, I was overcome with information, questions from loved ones, treatments, advice, appointments, decisions, medication, chemo, surgery plans, and a rollercoaster of emotions. 

And so my Healing Journey began...

As I began this scary, confusing and uncertain new chapter, I knew that navigating my days was going to look much different for a while! I struggled to find:

  • The community I was looking for - to create connections with other women also focused on their healing.  An uplifting, encouraging space to learn, grow and heal together.
  • Tools or resources that would give me the structure I craved and help me track the details and changes important to me. So, I created my own set of tools and continue doing so in support of my ongoing healing.

LoveME Healing was born!  Now, I want to invite others into a community to deepen the conversations, increasing the intentional focus on all things healing beyond the initial catalysts we experience.

I believe that our healing can be more successful if we create our own space to practice more loving thoughts and actions towards ourselves to shift from the all too natural fearful ones. Mindset matters! It serves us and our healing... or it doesn't.  I am still discovering what is meaningful for me and for my healing, along with what daily practices best serve my mind, body, and spirit (because it is ever-changing). I am sharing what has helped me and am on a mission to build a community of women to share, learn and heal together.  My hope is to inspire others to heal into their best self by creating this space for all of us to heal together.

LoveME Healing can help you discover and practice your personal version of meaningful healing!


Watch this short preview from my story to learn the biggest challenge in my breast cancer journey.  

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