Showing Up for Ourselves Again

We are about empowering women to fulfill their potential in LYFE! 

(Loving Yourself Forward Everyday)

Loving Yourself Forward Everyday is a personal practice of showing up for YOU! It's a daily, mindful, intentional approach to shifting your energy, attention and choices to be in service of your well-being. "LYFE" is in the small moments throughout each day when you practice granting yourself a little grace, understanding and kindness.  


Making intentional shifts

As women who have felt...

  • lost and wanted to reconnect with their authenticity...
  • stuck in auto-pilot¬†track of perfecting, pleasing, performing and producing...¬†
  • exhausted from the hustle & wanted to live more intentionally...
  • alone and wanted to be surrounded by supportive and inspiring women...

We are here to walk beside you, engage in conversations, share our perspectives, and learn from one another. We believe that the tools, practices & community we rely on will help others too.


Beginning a Practice

Based on your unique identity, circumstances and wisdom, LYFE (loving yourself forward everyday) will be personalized to YOU. In general, we believe that in order to live LYFE it requires…

  • reconnecting to ourselves - to get quiet and find that inner compass
  • creating¬†a vision of who¬†we want to be & what we want to experience
  • being clear on intentions & taking action
  • holding ourself accountable with additional uplift from¬†a supportive community
  • adapting to¬†change ‚Äď evolving and realigning focus when necessary

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