At LoveME Healing, our mission is to inspire and provide ways for women to practice loving themselves forward everyday - to recognize that they matter too in the list of priorities.

This is more than just a vision design event...  

It's developed to help you create a blueprint for your future... to take an intentional step into the 2024 YOU truly desire.
This is for anyone that wants this year to be DIFFERENT!
Whether you're seeking personal growth, a more meaningful life, career success, or a stronger connection with yourself and others, this event is your canvas to create and cultivate your most incredible year yet. 
Join us and reflect on how you are showing up for yourself, who you want to be, and what you want to feel and experience more (or less) of.


Ready to embrace the 2024 YOU deserve?

Reserve your spot now for an experience that goes beyond vision boarding ‚ÄĒ it's a celebration of possibility, connection, and intentional living! It is an opportunity to design your vision.¬† And... best of all you can BRING A FRIEND and it's FREE!
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(with you)

  • Any supplies you wish to use (e.g.¬†Magazines, board or paper, printed¬†images/words that speak to you, scissors, markers, tape, etc)
  • A friend (send your friend the link to this page so that they register and receive the details)
  • Printed PDF worksheets you will receive in an email prior to the event (or your own journal/paper to write on)
  • Your creativity & imagination¬†‚ô•ÔłŹ¬†


(for you)

  • Energy & Experiences¬†Reflection Worksheet
  • Showing Up For Yourself¬†Assessment
  • Create Your 2024 Visualization Worksheet
  • Fun, collaborative environment

A digital, physical or imagined design... 

is a visual of what you want to achieve, experience, become, how you want to feel and what you value. 

Creating this visual... 

helps you connect with yourself, get intentional about what you desire more of in your life and feel inspired.

Referring to this visual... 

keeps you motivated, focused on the actions & decisions you need to make each day and ultimately lends towards growth, accountability & success.

AND... this workshop is an initial step in designing a vision for creating the 2024 (and LIFE) that you deserve & desire. 


Be intentional and start creating the year you deserve...

Step into this new year with both purpose and passion! Let’s make it about more than what we want to achieve; but also about who we want to become, how we want to feel, what we want to experience more of …or less of.

  • Make Yourself a Priority:¬†Give¬†yourself the space to¬†get creative and do some self-discovery as you begin to craft¬†a visual of your¬†aspirations.
  • Manifest Your Best Year: Discover the power of visualization through a couple of guided exercises and empowering. discussions.¬† Align your actions with your aspirations, turning your dreams into reality.
  • Shift with Purpose: Bid farewell to the old and usher in the new with intention.
  • Make Meaningful¬†Connections:¬†Spend some time¬†with like-minded women in a¬†fun and uplifting environment.