A vision for your present and future. A way to include Loving Yourself Forward Everyday (aka "LYFE")!

Sharpen your vision with a clear blueprint, align your actions with intentionality each week and get ready to celebrate your wins! To evolve to the life you want, you need to create your map, setup the accountability and define your support system.

The Create Your LYFE Blueprint program is included in the LYFE Connection Membership if you are looking for all of this PLUS community - to gain support, motivation and accountability. Click below for more information.

Get Started On My Blueprint
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Feeling lost or stuck? 

Living on Auto-Pilot? 

Putting Yourself Last? 

 Gain clarity on who you want to be and what you want to experience (more or less of) through guided exercises. Imagine what you will be celebrating. It is time to get back to YOU.

Practice more intentional living through integrative tools that sharpen your focus & help you take aligned actions. Each week is a step towards creating the year (and life) you desire.

Prioritize your needs, strengthen your relationships and improve your overall well-being through guided reflection exercises. You can only give what you have. It is time to recharge.

I am ready for a change

 Initiate Your Shift

through self-reflection and exercises to...

  • connect to yourself
  • identify your needs
  • recognize distractions and beliefs to be challenged


Design your vision

as we guide you step-by-step to...

  • define¬†your¬†intentions & imagine your future
  • create¬†a blueprint
  • build a visual¬†representation in¬†that works for you
  • utilize these 3 ways keep your vision alive

Move forward with Intention

through practices that...

  • create space for¬†new choices & actions
  • clarify the practice of loving yourself forward¬†
  • add¬†focus into your days/weeks

All of the above benefits PLUS...

  • 2024 Digital Planner; full¬†year of weekly planner pages, monthly calendars and momentum building exercises!¬†
  • Access to a¬†private Facebook group¬†for engagement¬†and inspiration
  • Multi-Step Pathway of¬†Reflection Exercises

$99 one-time payment

I am ready to CREATE my blueprint!

What our clients are saying...

This experience reminded me of how important it is to visualize a higher version of myself by identifying a common theme amongst a fun and creative process.

The exercises were free-style, concrete, easy to follow, and I could see how they interconnected. I was able to identify and reflect where I should put more effort and focus.

I liked how the experience inspired me to think about what's important to me mentally and physically and helped me think of ways to achieve my vision.

I want to feel this

How does this work?

  • Our on-demand online course is available when you have time. Work at your own pace, stop and resume as you need.¬†
  • We guide you through every step of the process with videos, written instructions and tips.
  • PDF worksheets are available for download - which you can print and write on or edit online.
  • You are invited to join our private FB Group for support, encouragement & inspiration along the way.
I want the flexibility

Feeling scattered or not focused on what you want in life?   

  • Evaluate how¬†you are showing up for yourself¬†
  • Surrender what gets in your way
  • Create a meaningful vision for¬†your future
  • Organize your priorities¬†plus¬†build out your intentions, focus, choices, wins & more
  • Identify fears or obstacles you may need to conquer
  • Take responsibility by loving yourself forward and tuning into your inner compass
I am ready for focus

Want Community too?

You can get the entire Create Your LYFE Blueprint program PLUS a community filled with activities, resources & connection to motivate, support & hold you accountable on your path. 

With your LYFE Connection Membership, you will be...

  • Participating¬†in¬†meaningful¬†conversations¬†on¬†common topics many of us encounter
  • Engaging in¬†exploratory¬†activities¬†that foster the practice of¬†loving ourselves in new ways
  • Coming together in¬†virtual¬†weekly¬†collaboration connection calls
  • Deepening your understanding of¬†yourself and¬†your vision for LYFE (Loving Yourself Forward Everyday) through¬†guided¬†online¬†programs¬†& tools
  • Fostering valuable insights,¬†strategies, and practical tools in¬†quarterly workshops¬†to¬†focus on your intention¬†and¬†vision for the next 12 weeks
  • Finding¬†solace and inspiration in the¬†shared wisdom and experiences¬†of others in our¬†monthly¬†"Next Chapter" events¬†as women share how they navigated some of life's¬†challenges
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