Navigating Breast Cancer feels lonely and overwhelming! 

Help us help those on a breast cancer journey with guidance, support, tools, inspiration and community.  We are building a tribe that supports, encourages, and uplifts each other through initial and ongoing healing.  

Guidance & Coaching

to help navigate the challenges, and questions while encouraging a positive mindset - empowering exploration of what is needed for their unique healing

Healing Practices

to explore, apply and reflect on all the changes with tracking templates, tools, exercises, etc

Meaningful Conversation

among others going through breast cancer about habits, making self a priority, navigating change, etc



Help increase our impact with content, tools and guidance for meaningful, personalized healing!

We understand that you may be passionate about helping our cause and getting LoveME Healing in the hands of more people that are navigating Breast Cancer.  Create social impact - by helping us help others.

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Helpful in navigating cancer...

"Probably one of the most helpful things I've read on navigating a cancer diagnosis"

Mary Byron, RN; Operating Room Nurse


Very personal and about my journey...

"This Healing Companion feels very personal and about my journey. And it also felt very ... I'm going to coach you through this because I've been there, You are not alone in this experience!"

LoveME Healing Champion