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Jan 08, 2023

I was a little nervous.  I took a deep breath and began to dial her number.  I didn't know her - here I was calling a complete stranger to ask her about something as personal as her Breast Cancer experience. She was a friend of a friend; someone that I was told I must talk to when I got my breast cancer diagnosis.  

I was prepared - my questions written out in front of me.  I wanted to ask about her diagnosis, treatments, and decisions along the way... all things that I was grappling with... and all the things that can be very raw and vulnerable to share with others.  This was not an interview.   This was an opportunity to connect with someone that could relate to receiving a diagnosis call and also had so much wisdom and experience I could learn from.  

This was one call of 20+ I made over the weeks ahead.  Each conversation inspired me, intrigued me, and gave me hope.  Every single woman was open, and vulnerable and became an instant meaningful connection.  Those conversations left me feeling empowered to advocate for what I wanted - to seek understanding and to be a more active participant in the decision-making of what was going to happen to my body next. I learned through these conversations that I craved a community that was interested in healing at deeper levels. 

I felt so much admiration for each woman based on...

  • their personal healing stories
  • their strength in overcoming so many challenges unique to their own journey
  • the personal learnings and transformation they experienced beyond the physical healing
  • the openness to take their pain and fear and turn it into something loving and helpful to share with those that are faced with a diagnosis next...
  • their willingness to pay it forward!

You don't have to face all of this alone.  Find your community.  Reach out and talk to others who have been through similar circumstances.  From my perspective - it helped to find these positive, inspiring women.  It allowed me to stay away from the scary google search rabbit holes and replaced that with real, relevant stories and experiences. Each and every connection provided hope and was a blessing for my own healing journey.

I encourage you to reach out to other women that have been through this.  There is such power in meaningful connection and I believe Breast Cancer is an immediate bond felt between 2 individuals... There is a reason they call us Pink Sisters!

As for me, I continue to build my tribe.  My hope for you is that you find yours!

Shout out to my dear friend Trish who inspired this whole idea and concept of reaching out to other women that have been through this when I was first diagnosed.  BEST. ADVICE. EVER.  Thanks, Trish!

Want to know more about me and my journey?   

After my first year of cancer treatments and learnings, I decided to create what I had sought initially (and didn't find) and share it with others also on a breast cancer journey.   I created a private community and offer a set of tools focused on introspection and healing that is unique to each of us.  Check out what LoveMe Healing is on our home page here.