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Balance requires intention

Oct 12, 2023
Balance is KEY

If we do not take breaks, or a brief walk throughout our day to reset our mind and body... will we do it once we get home or once we are done working (for those of us that work at home)? Will the 'work' or the 'stuff' calling your attention continue until you drop into your pillow each night? Or will the constant push all day lead you to go home and crash on the couch, or find your favorite vice to relax and escape the day? All are possible and lead to a life out of balance.

We often discuss boundaries in our personal lives, but are we setting them as it relates to our workplace too? Do you go right to your desk in the morning for that ONE thing that turns into ten more things? Do you try to multitask at your desk while eating your lunch - or just skip lunch altogether? Do you take work home with you? Do you answer emails after business hours or during "time off" just to get it off your plate? 

I am STILL guilty of all of these even though I have been working on it for a couple years now!

To focus on our healing and intentionally let go of what does not serve us physically or mentally means more often taking the pause and looking at our WHOLE life.

What can you do this week to find better balance at home & WORK?