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Beware of the energy vampires

Sep 28, 2023

Do you know anyone you would call an "energy vampire"? You know?... that constant complainer, the victim, the one that acts like "it's all about me" or always comes to you with their problems? 

"Not-Not Mine..."

How do we protect ourselves when the energy vampire is someone we love or care about? I often think back to Phoebe in the show Friends... saying "Not-not mine, Not-not mine" (FYI: Season 1 - The One with the Thumb). It becomes a quiet mantra in my head that I repeat when I feel myself taking on the heavy energy of someone else. In that moment, I try to make an intention to not fall under their negative cloak. I can listen and be compassionate to their pain without taking it on myself - think of rubber (energy bounces off me) vs a sponge (energy gets absorbed). Taking a deep breath and recognizing the draining feeling helps me step back and not take on the energy of it. 

Set a boundary

When we are vulnerable to the drain, not feeling up for the negativity, and cannot protect ourselves in the moment, we can also set boundaries that preserve space and physical distance. Saying things like, "This sounds upsetting to you however I do not have the capacity for this conversation right now." 

Energy is needed for living your life and for your healing. Your energy matters.  Protect it. 

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