Your Summer Chapter

Dropping the comparison to allow for healing

Nov 16, 2023


There will be changes in your life that may rock your foundation and your routines. Maybe you used to meditate or walk miles or lift weights for 30+ minutes for your health every day.  However, a recent situation, has you feeling distracted, less energy or less strong and unable to do anything over a few minutes at a time. 


What if... we let go of what we used to do for today and recognize that we are in a different situation and need more moments of healing? This requires us to be gracious with ourselves and accept that perhaps we can do a smaller amount (maybe more frequently) as we work through what we are going through at this time. 

Listen to your body and what you need right now, because whatever THAT is ... IS OK! As we heal, we can get back to new routines that fit us.


Let go of the number (whether that is time-bound, reps or weight or otherwise) and the pressure when you are in a moment of big shift, emotions, or change. Honor your own personal growth and give yourself permission to take care of yourself in the most loving way possible.

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