Your Summer Chapter

A new year, new intentions...

Jan 26, 2024

It is 2024 and the start of another year. Many of us set out in the new year with goals, resolutions, vision boards, and so forth - all with the intent to welcome in change and transformation.  This year I decided to pull in CHANGE differently, mostly because I am tired of the achievement hustle that surrounds so many of these New Year's intention setting activities.

I like to utilize vision boards. To me, a vision board is a visual representation of what we want to achieve, experience, become, how we want to feel and what we value. Creating this visual helps us connect with ourselves, get intentional about what we desire more of in our lives, and feel inspired. The final magic lies in referring to this visual... it keeps us motivated, focused on the actions & choices we need to make each day and ultimately contributes to growth, accountability & success.

So what are 3 big themes I am building intentions around and including on my board this year?

  1. Presence. Sounds simple right?  Maybe for you... but for me it takes some practice. One thing that gets in the way? My thoughts... always on to the next thing I need to do or get done. I want to BE more present with my family, friends, and community in the moment.
  2. Connection. Who are the women who inspire me, hold me accountable, and help me grow? I want to EXPERIENCE more meaningful connection (with myself and others), openness to endless possibilities and growth.
  3. Flow. I want to FEEL more creativity, ease, and flexibility to enrich my body, mind, and spirit.

I am setting out to CREATE the 2024 I desire. That starts with intention and requires focus, making decisions, taking action, celebrating my wins along the way, openly accepting what I am learning and a whole lot of gratitude.  If you want to join me... check out what we offer at LoveME Healing here.


And... if you are in the middle of creating - or are interested in starting - a vision design and blueprint for your life... we offer on demand courses that walk you through step-by-step when it is convenient for YOUR schedule.