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Combatting Fear During Treatment

Jun 06, 2022

When Fear Steps In

When faced with our first chemo or radiation... there is so much uncertainty.  Fear can start to consume our thoughts.  How will my body react to this intense treatment?  What will I be able (or not able) to do for the first few days after the treatment?  What will the long-term effects be?


Try the Visualization Technique

When I went in for each chemo treatment (which I feared the most), I would intentionally shift my focus away from that fear.  I would place my hand on my port (which happened to also be by my heart), imagine a beautiful golden light passing through it, and say a little prayer that it cleanse and heal all the cells in my body.  That image was powerful in providing loving care for my body and my mindset.

Create your own ... What image can you focus on in your treatment or when fear sets in that shifts your thoughts to a more loving response?

Turn your Fear to Love... More than ever, our bodies, ourselves need us to love them and believe in the healing taking place!