Your Summer Chapter

Learning to Love Myself

Jan 23, 2023

What does healing mean to you?

I have been asked this question so many times while on my breast cancer journey by others and myself.   I have had some time to ponder this.  Healing for me has been finding and nurturing meaningful connection with my whole self... the physical body, the emotional mind, and the spiritual being.  And this healing is never done. It is not a box I get to check.  I am healing through my daily choices, my ongoing habits, and learning to love myself - as I am... with loving compassion and kindness. 

For me, day-to-day healing occurs when I start the day with my meditation habit, make a choice to add cinnamon to my favorite mug of coffee, nourish my body with healthier foods, add in stretching or going to the gym and grounding myself by standing in the yard and soaking up all the beautiful parts of nature (weather permitting of course).  Learning to love ME and be more compassionate inward... is an ongoing practice and for me starts with untangling my worth from my lists and how I think about "productivity".  I am journaling and celebrating all the small wins as part of this new practice. 

So what does healing mean to you?  What do you include in your daily choices and ongoing habits that serve YOU?  In what ways are you compassionate and kind to yourself?  Sit with this for a while.  Maybe jot down some thoughts in a notebook or journal.  Take time to be intentional in your own healing.

You are worth it!

Hand on Heart,



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