Vision Board Experience

Your life is moving forward in a particular direction, whether you like it or not. However, is the momentum you are creating taking you to a destination that you desire?  Loving yourself forward is a mindful, intentional approach... to think, feel, prioritize your needs and take action despite the constraints of time, external judgment, guilt or societal pressures.

Give yourself permission to “Love Yourself Forward

Making a personal commitment to your health and happiness

Being intentional with your focus, attention and energy

Creating positive momentum in your life 

Using self-reflection to help shape a meaningful path forward

Reminders & Journal Prompts


Add some LOVE to your inbox...

Sometimes a gentle reminder that a permission slip is not needed… allows us to resume focus on taking care of our needs.

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  • Fosters intention with simple prompts to journal out or reflect on
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  • Inspires you to find ways to heal in a meaningful way

Self-Reflection Journal


Strengthen your connection with YOU...

Reflect on who you aspire to be and increase your awareness of how your thoughts are driving your decisions and actions.

This journal invites you to:

  • Explore through 18 thought-provoking prompts
  • Repeat as you evolve, change, and grow
  • Choose to print or edit digitally

50% off through Dec 31, 2023. 


Intentional Planner & Pathway


Create YOUR 2024...

Intention serves as a compass, guiding your thoughts, decisions and actions toward the outcomes you desire. Shape your focus and build momentum going into the new year.

With this package (2024 planner pages plus a 6-step pathway), you can:

  • Organize your priorities plus build out your intentions, focus, choices, wins, and more (weekly planner pages Dec '23-Jan '25)
  • Identify fears or obstacles you may need to conquer
  • Hold yourself accountable as you move through the year

try a sample of the planner pages (for Nov & Dec) before you buy... see here


Healing holds the potential for beautiful, personal transformation.

Looking to progress your personal healing practices?

  • Advance your healing habits, assess your level of fulfillment in key areas and define meaningful support in a 5-step self-reflection pathway.
  • Grow your support network and join other like-minded women focusing on their unique path. Be inspired & encouraged as you move forward. You are not alone!

LoveME Healing is on a mission to help all women give themselves permission to truly care for themselves, heal what needs healing and step into WHO THEY ARE.  We are here to walk alongside you... to guide you with resources that empower and facilitate your personal self-reflection and discovery while encouraging and supporting you through a community of like-minded women.