It all starts with intention...

Setting intentions creates powerful momentum by clarifying direction and focus, inspiring action, fostering consistency, increasing confidence and amplifying results! The tools below are different approaches to being intentional.

Start My Day

Build a daily practice of reflection and connecting to yourself.  Set aside a little meaningful "ME Time".

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Feel the Feels

We are not robots. We have FEELINGS. Explore a vocabulary of feelings and what you need to process them.

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New Reflections, New ____?

How would you finish this sentence? What do you want to try, continue... or what no longer serves your wellbeing? 

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Do, Be, Let Go

Reflect on what you want to DO/BE more or less of and what you need to let go of to be more intentional with your choices.

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Gratitude Journal

Navigate life's challenges with grace and anchor yourself in the abundance that surrounds you. Use repeatedly.

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Reset with Your 5 Senses

Life can feel busy and chaotic. We need a reset button. Get present and regain a sense of calm, clarity & focus.

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Loving Yourself Forward requires intention.

Loving Yourself Forward is a mindful, intentional approach to shifting your energy, attention, and choices to be in service of your well being.

Reflect. Experience. Be.

Feeling scattered or not focused on what you want in life? Join us as we guide your through exercises to help you:

  • Evaluate how¬†you are showing up for yourself (or not)

  • Surrender what gets in your way

  • Identify where saying yes or no aligns to your needs
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